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Many self storage facilities have a list of rules and regulations in addition to their lease agreement. After you sign the lease, which will go over the details of your agreement, you will likely be given this list of rules. These guidelines are designed to keep the self storage facility safe and ensure peace of mind for all renters. Some of the rules include how to enter and exit the building, as well as a list of things you cannot store inside your unit. There are also rules that govern the self storage facility itself, such as ensuring there is adequate electricity and light for all renters.

Entering and exiting a self storage facility

Self storage facilities usually have a policy to ensure entrance halls and streets leading to the building are kept free of obstacles. These areas have to be kept free to ensure those using the facility can get in and out with ease. Also, many facilities require that you sign in and out so that the staff knows who is in the facility at all times.

Items forbidden from self storage units

Several things are not permitted inside a self storage unit. You are not allowed to keep any type of animal, food, or hazardous materials inside your unit. Also, you cannot store explosives, ammunition, firearms, drugs or any other illegal items. Most facilities will also specify that you cannot sleep inside of your unit or use your unit as an office space. Items inside the unit must belong to the person storing them. Most self storage facility guidelines will also point out that stolen items are prohibited.

Rules for the self storage facility

Lessors are responsible for more than repair and maintenance of the property. The self storage business is also responsible for ensuring there is adequate electricity and light, as well as ensuring safe elevators and toilet facilities.

Facilities also have a list of guidelines covering how they handle termination of the agreement or action taken when you have become late on payments. In many cases, if your agreement is terminated, you may expect a written notice within 30 days.

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