Sparky’s Spotlight: Kingdom Limo

We love our local community here in Amarillo, and wanted to find a way to highlight local businesses, entrepreneurs and influencers. So, we are starting a new blog series called “Sparky’s Spotlight.” For our first spotlight, we talked to Jeremy Adams, owner of Kingdom Limo, to learn more about his business and what he loves about Amarillo.

Jermey Adams, Owner/Operator of Kingdom Limo, with his family

What do you feel sets your business apart from similar operations in this area?

Kingdom Limo is a family owned limo service operating out of Amarillo, TX and the panhandle. We have been in business for 2 years, and pride ourselves in outstanding customer service as well as the cleanliness and safety of our vehicles.

Currently, it’s just me that owns and operates Kingdom Limo. As we expand and put our name out there through the community, I will be excited to add more vehicles and employees.

How did you get involved in the limo service industry?

I do a wide variety of things and own other businesses, but there is something about a limo that has my heart. I told my wife for years “I want to start a limo business.” There were times when it didn’t make sense at that moment. However, 2 years ago I re-approached the dream and God opened every door for it to come to fruition.

Currently, we offer nights and weekend services since we stay very busy operating and working on our other endeavors. However, I am excited to see what the future holds.

Why do you choose to do business in Amarillo?

Amarillo is home, our roots are deep here. The people are amazing and this truly is a “support local” community. I like to put smiles on people faces and even see them out and about in public. It never fails, someone will say “your our limo driver, that was a fun night.”

Kingdom Limo does a wide variety of things. Weddings, party’s, kids party’s, Texas Tech football games, proms, airport pickup and drop off and many more services. I am honored by each and every customer. Thank you Amarillo, from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and love.

Why do you store at Sparky’s?

I’ve been a customer of Sparky’s for years and years. We have multiple units with them and I’ve always enjoyed my interaction with each and every employee. I have to say though, Connie is amazing. She’s personable and thoughtful. She truly cares for each customer and knows my whole family by name. She goes above and beyond for us over and over again. We very much enjoy using Sparky’s Storage.

If you would like to learn more about Kingdom Limo or to contact Jeremy, please visit the Kingdom Limo Facebook Page.

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