How To Stage Your Home For Sale Using Self Storage

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Friends, real estate agents, and home improvement shows are full of advice about staging your home for sale. Staging means that you place furniture and belongings in each room of your home to show off its best advantages. Staging may mean moving of personal photographs and other items laying around your home. If you need to remove a large number of items, or have clutter that you want to keep, consider renting a self storage unit. Here are a few other tips for staging your home.

Moving and storing furniture

You will want to make each room in your home appear spacious. Choose the best pieces of furniture you own for each room and remove any that look out of place or contribute to a cluttered appearance. Renting a storage unit gives you a safe space to store these items. You will probably only have to pay rent on the unit for a short period of time.

Remove personal belongings and hygiene products

Placing your home for sale means that you are going to have to pack up small and personal belongings. You can get a head start by deciding what needs to go before staging each room. Your personal items can be safely placed in a self storage unit. Neutral rooms without a bunch of clutter attract a buyer and help them picture themselves in your home. Clean bathrooms and put all hygiene products away before showing a buyer through the house.

Painting advice

Look at the walls to see if you need to do painting before placing your home for sale. Choosing neutral colors will attract buyers because they will be able to better picture themselves and potential family members in different rooms. Buyers who have to take down a busy wallpaper or cover over loud paint colors are less likely to consider purchasing a home with such features.

Wall decor and lighting

Mirrors and pictures may already be placed to best advantage on the walls of your house or you may have placed them in storage. If you decide to re-hang some things after painting, or you want to rearrange what is on the wall, keep the previous tips in mind. If you do purchase new wall hangings, make sure they are what you would like to have in your next home.

Lighting is also very important when staging a home. You never know what time of day a buyer may be shown into your house. Clean all the windows so that natural light shines in. Replace any burned out light bulbs. Place lamps around rooms to provide plenty of additional lighting if it is needed.

Clean the home

A dirty house will influence many buyers to write off your property altogether. Keep your house as clean as possible while staging it for sale. Before you list your house, you may want to have the floors professionally cleaned or rent a steam cleaner to do this on your own. This step is especially important if you have pets. Cleaning thoroughly will get rid of offensive odors that can also disappoint a potential buyer.

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