Climate Controlled Units

Climate controlled

Extreme temperatures and dramatic temperatures swings can be very damaging to sensitive items. These items include wood furniture, electronics and paintings just to name a few. To protect sensitive items disrepair, it may be wise to opt for climate controlled storage.

Climate Controlled Size Options

5×5: This self storage unit is big enough to hold small furniture, seasonal items, boxes, and business records.

5×10: This self storage unit can store up to 1.5 rooms of furniture, appliances, lots of boxes, lawn equipment, and sales representative’s supplies

10×10: This self storage unit can store up to 2-3 rooms of furniture and boxes, business inventory and files as well as a small trailer.

10×15: This self storage unit can store up to 3-4 rooms of furniture, a small car as well as business supplies and inventory.

10×20: This self storage unit is the size of a single car garage.

Other Unit Options

Drive Up

Drive up

Drive up storage units are affordable and allow you to drive up directly to the door with a moving van or truck to easily load and unload.

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Dust Controlled

Dust controlled

Dust control units are ideal for upholstered furniture, clothing, and other items which should avoid dust, but do no need climate control.

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