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We are at the end of the holiday season, and now it is time to pack up all of your festive decorations. Use these tips to get everything packed up and ready for next year.

Quick tip: Storing decorations

Step one sort all of your decorations. You can do this by type (i.e. garlands, standing ornaments, bells, etc.) or by location (i.e. front hall, dining room etc.)

Next, neatly pack items and make sure you label everything to make your life easier when it is time to find everything next year.

Don’t be afraid to get creative in choice of packing materials. For instance, you can use egg cartons or cut up paper towel rolls in a cookie tin to safely pack tree ornaments

Finally, instead of packing the tree back in its original box, invest in a sturdy, deep bag or holiday storage container for better protection and easier transportation.

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