Tackle Spring Cleaning Like a Master

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Spring cleaning may seem like an overwhelming task, but our team at Sparky’s Storage has 6 helpful tips to propel you to the level of spring cleaning master!

1. Be methodical

Spring cleaning methodically

Keep track of your progress by working from top to bottom. Start with ceilings and end with floors. This method will also limit the having to go back over areas you have already cleaned. To be even more organized work from left to right. On windows, use up and down motions on the outside and left on right motions on the inside. This will help you tell which side has streaks.

2. Swap out seasonal gear

Spring cleaning by storing seasonal gear

Getting clutter out of the way will make the whole process much easier. Why not pack up all your winter gear and clothing for storage? Read our earlier blog 8 tips for storing your winter clothes for more information.

3. A good airing out

Spring cleaning bedding

Often, bedspreads and upholstery do not need to be washed, they simply need to be aired out. Do this by laying them out in the yard or driveway on top of a tarp, or hanging them on a clothesline. A few hours spent in the fresh air will clean smells and the sunlight with help kill any bacteria.


4. Spring cleaning the fridge

Spring cleaning the fridge

Yes, it is time to go sort through your leftovers and long forgotten condiments. Once you have disposed of everything that is spoiled or expired, it is time to get serious. Use a combination of salt and soda water to break up any drips and build up.

5. Bust up build up

Spring cleaning sinks

Hard water build up is reality, but it doesn’t mean we have to live with gunk around faucets and drains. Soak a paper towel in vinegar and then place it on or around the offending build up. Let it sit for one hour. You should then be about to scrub away the build up.

6. Keep drapes looking dapper

Spring cleaning drapes

Drapes have a bad habit of collecting dust which overtimes makes them look drab. Save the day by pulling them down, removing any hooks, and throwing them in the dryer with a wet towel. Run the air fluff cycle for 15 minutes. The wet towel will absorb the dust, so that when you pull out your drapes they are ready for another year of window dressing. Hang them back up immediately.

We hope these tips will make your spring cleaning a bit easier. To keep things simple seriously consider reducing clutter by storing away seasonal items in closets or in the garage.

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