Take advantage of spring for a great move!

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Moving is hard no matter when you do it, but spring is arguably the best time of year to move, if you can pull it off. Don’t believe us? Here are five perks of moving during this season.

1. Availability

Availability schedule

The best professionals normally have to be booked well in advanced, and even then scheduling can be difficult. However, spring is not a peak moving season, so that can make it a lot easier to hire the best movers and other professionals for the times you need.

2. Savings

Savings piggy bank

Also, since it isn’t the peak moving season, you can find better deals on movers, materials, and other services.

3. Weather

Spring weather

Spring is a great season in terms of weather. It isn’t the icy cold of winter, nor is it yet the painful heat of summer. The cool breezes (or if you are in the Texas panhandle, blasts of wind) and the bright sunshine make a move a lot easier on your body and your belongings. Just one note, if it does happen to rain, cover furniture with plastic.

4. Spring garage sales rock!

Garage sale

Yes, spring is a great time for a pre-move garage sale, because the garage sale season is just starting to uptick and many deal hunters are already on the prowl.

5. Spring is a great time to sell a home

Selling home

Finally, the team at MoveIt suggests that this is also a good time to sell a home. Yes, it isn’t the peak moving season, but those that want or need to move in the spring have fewer options, so it may be easier to get your old home sold at the price you want.

WARNING: The one potential downfall of moving during this time is allergies. Pollen levels can be high, so if you suffer from pollen allergies, keep your allergy medicine unpacked.

If you can’t pull off a move in the spring and have to wait until the summer, check out our blog Summer moving tips to help you beat the heat.

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