6 cold weather moving tips

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Moving is always hard, but moving in the cold presents some unique difficulties. So, here are 6 tips that can help make your winter move more bearable.

1. Dress in layers


Moving requires you to be in and out of cars and buildings, so it is important to be able to adjust your outfit to fit the changing temperatures.

2. Insulate cold-sensitive items


Items that could be negatively affected by the cold such as electronics, dish ware, and ceramics should be kept in a temperature controlled vehicle, not in the back of an uninsulated moving truck.

3. Keep towels on-hand


In case of snow or other precipitation, keep dry towels readily available, so that you can quickly wipe down boxes to prevent any water damage.

4. Wear the right gloves


Though the cold weather may tempt you to put on a bulky, thick pair of gloves, you should wear a pair that allows you to get a good hold on whatever you will be moving. In additionYou don’t want to constantly take them off whenever you are going in and out of vehicles and buildings. Avoid gloves that can be easily torn up. Insulated work gloves are a good option, and gloves that work with your touchscreen devices are an added bonus.

5. Stay hydrated


Everyone knows to drink a lot of water in the heat, but in the winter it is just as vital that you stay hydrated. While chugging caffeine might seem necessary for your endurance, adding a bottle of water in between coffees, sodas, and energy drinks to help guarantee you are healthy when the move is over.

6. Protect your skin


Cold winter air doesn’t just steal the heat from your bones, it steals moisture from your skin. Chapstick and lotion placed for easy access will keep skin from becoming raw and chafed. If the weather is extremely cold and windy, consider wearing a mask to protect your nose and mouth.

Can’t do it all at once?

No matter what tips you use or how cleverly you pack, we know moving can be hard. As a result, there are times you just can’t do it all at once. Contact Sparky’s Storage Solutions for more information about self-storage in Amarillo. Call us today at (806) 353-9500 or Contact Us by email for more information about our self storage unit sizes and features. You can also visit us in person at 7550 Golden Pond Place in Amarillo.

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