Tips To Properly Store A Car In Self Storage For Winter

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It is often necessary to store a car during the winter. This is especially true if you have more than two cars. Several states have made it illegal to park your car on the grass, so you may be stuck with an extra car and no parking spot. Self storage is a good option to consider if you are dealing with this issue.

Renting a self storage unit will provide you with an economical, safe, and dry place for your car to stay throughout the winter. Car owners should take some precautions before they store their vehicles, however. If you will be storing a car for over a couple of weeks, the following tips will ensure it will be ready to drive after winter.

Clean the car and check fluids

Before you store a car give it a good wash to ensure that any harmful substances that were on the car will not cause damage. Afterward, change the oil and the oil filter. This step will ensure your engine will not sit in self storage with contaminated oil over a long period of time.

Preparing your car for indoor self storage

Purchase a quality auto cover to place over your vehicle. A cover will keep moisture, dust, and other pollutants away from the exterior and the interior of your car. You can also stuff foil into the air intake and the exhaust to prevent small animals, such as mice, from nesting inside.

Next, remove your windshield wiper blades to ensure that the rubber does not stick to the windshield. Another option would be to put a piece of plastic between the rubber wiper blades and your windshield. Remove your spark plugs if you are putting your car in self storage for a year or more. Finally, spray oil over the cylinders to prevent rust.

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