Tips For Putting Property In Self Storage After A Divorce

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A divorce is a painful process that affects every area of one’s life. Planning carefully can make the process of moving a bit easier and help give you the time you need to heal. Self storage can help you make the transition, no matter where you are moving. The following tips will help to make the move and renting self storage as stress free as possible.

Downsize your belongings

You may be moving into a smaller home after a divorce. If this is the case, consider moving some of your belongings into self storage to declutter your new home and get a fresh start. When you have the time to handle the details, you can go through your belongings logically. Then, you can decide what you need to keep, throw out, or place in self storage.

Make a list of property

To prevent confusion, make a list of possessions you will need to divide after the divorce. Next, you can speak with your former spouse and your lawyer about how to divide the belongings. You can also hire a mediator in case there is a dispute about certain items. Staying as organized as possible will help you keep a level head during this difficult process.

Store some items

There may be some items that are painful to divide, making it difficult for either of you to make a decision. Place these items in self storage until you can decide what to do with them at a later time. You can know the items are safe in self storage while you figure things out. Renting a self storage unit can help give both of you perspective about the items you store by giving you time to think about them.

Keep in mind legal considerations

Always consult with your lawyer regarding the details of your unique situation. Before meeting with your former spouse, write down any questions you may have regarding property or belongings. Write the answers down during the meeting so you can make informed decisions regarding your property and renting self storage.

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