How to use storage when planning a wedding

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The average couple spends 13 to 18 months planning their wedding. That is a lot of time to have have decorations and supplies crowding your living space. Declutter and maintain your sanity by using a storage unit as a staging area. Here are a few ways it can help.

1. Stay Organized

Wedding couple

Centerpieces and other decorations can take up a lot of space. Avoid becoming bridezilla by using a climate or dust controlled storage unit to keep decorations, tables, chairs, and even dresses and tuxedos organized and out of the way. This is especially helpful if you don’t have an extra bedroom at home to hold everything or if you also have to stage a move before or right after the wedding.

2. Easy access and transportation

Moving van

Compared to a house or an apartment, most storage facilities will have far easier access. First because you can avoid any steps or stairs. Second, because moving vans and trucks with trailers can maneuver which may be important if you have large items that will need to be transferred to a wedding venue.

3. Staging area for pickups


Instead of having the wedding party picking up clothing from your house, have them meet you (or better yet your maid of honor) at the storage unit to quickly and easily get the items they need for the big day. This will save you the stress of having people in and out of your private space just as things are getting really hectic.

4. Store gifts

wedding gifts

Finally, when all is said and done you can use a storage unit to hold all of the wedding gifts until you have time to sort through them and write all of your thank you notes.

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