Why Using Self Storage Is Best During A Move

Storing your possessions in a self storage unit can be very beneficial whether you are moving across town or across the state. Storage is a great way to reduce your stress and make the overall move go a lot smoother. Here are a few tips to make renting storage a more comfortable experience and to make the moving process as pain-free as possible.

Check on moving trucks and supplies

If you have chosen a self storage facility, see if their services include the use of a moving truck. There are self storage companies that will offer this service for free and some for reduced rates if you are renting a unit from them. A truck will make moving day less stressful, as you can move your property at your own pace. If the facility does have trucks, also ask if they have moving blankets and straps to secure your items. A dolly or cart would also be a great advantage for the heavier items such as furniture and appliances.

Self storage facilities usually stock supplies for customers to use during a move likes boxes, packing paper, tape, and bubble wrap. These supplies are often higher quality products than those found at local retail stores and can protect your valuable property much better.

Self storage benefits before and after a move

Using self storage before you move allows you to move at your own pace instead of needing to get everything packed within a short time. You can start by packing up items you don’t use everyday and putting them in your storage unit. Then, as moving day gets closer, you can start packing your belongings room by room to stay organized. This method also allows extra time for you to clean.

As you place your items into your self storage unit, label them and keep areas separate so the boxes are easier to move into your new home. When your moving day actually arrives, you have the advantage of being able to clean your new home before bringing in all your property. Once you have finished cleaning, you can move in your belongings in an organized manner.

Using self storage to get a head start on your move

Once you know when you have to move, find a self storage unit a couple of weeks before that date. You can then start transferring your property on your own time. There are times when a moving date does not coincide with a move-in date. Your new home may not be ready and you either have to stay with family or rent a home until it is. Having your household items in self storage will take the stress out of this type of situation.

Remember to keep your items separated and labeled by room so you can find any boxes or supplies you may need. Furniture is less likely to be needed until you move into your new home, so it should be placed towards the back of your self storage unit.

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