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Many people fail to properly prepare their washer and dryer for moving or storage. Follow these steps to make sure everything works properly when plugged back in.

Quick tip: How to pack a washer and dryer

Start at least a week before you need to actually pack the appliances. Run a clean rinse in the washer and thoroughly clean the dryer. Once that is done, unplug everything and undo hoses.

At this point it is important to clean the dryer’s lint hose. Get out as much lint and dust as possible so that it won’t make a mess when packed.

Allow everything to sit for a few days giving the washer and hoses time to dry. Then place all parts, plugs and hoses inside the appliances to keep from losing them.

If placing in storage, it is important to leave the doors slightly ajar in order to allow airflow. You can cover them with a sheet, but avoid plastic tarps that might trap moisture.

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